Golf Course Management

Golfing Nation has built its core by understanding the current requirement of the golf industry and by listening to our client’s challenges and customising our resources to overcome them. We excel at providing the best talent and resources in the industry. GolfingNation is a true Golf Management partner. We not only take care of the Daily Operations but also provide end to end solutions for resort & private clubs.

We provide the following services:

Golf Operations, Events, Agronomy, Food & Beverage, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Procurement, Design & Development, Risk Management, Information Technology, Tee Time Booking & Management & Golf Academies. Top resources combined with over a decade of experience operating a private, daily fee operations in India, have given Golfing Nation the opportunity to develop the strategies and talent that allow our clients to be proficient in the world of

Club Operations

Golfing Nation focuses on creating memorable member & guest experiences by delivering uber services. In order to consistently achieve these results for each client, we’re devoted to hiring and training excellent associates, implementing our devised Operating Standards and providing an exceptional depth of expertise from our experienced team.

Golf Marketing, Tie-ups and Concierge

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Golfing Nation 360 Degree Service
  • ✓ Online Tee Sheet
  • ✓ Anytime Reservation Centre
  • ✓ Marketing Services
  • ✓ Handicapping Service
  • ✓ Billing System Software
  • ✓ Concierge & Call centre setup for Tee Time & lesson Bookings
Website Marketing & Book Online tee time reservations through Golfing Nation website
  • ✓ Responsive design adjusts to tablets, phones, laptops
  • ✓ Easy-to-use content management system means your course retains control of your site’s content, look, and feel
  • ✓ Manage online pricing with Golfing Nation Backend services.
  • ✓ Promote events and booking through specialised deals on Golfing Nation.
  • ✓ Connect with your premium players with Loyalty Program Integration
  • ✓ Loyalty Program include membership cards, discounts and other promotional activities to encourage frequent usage
Email Marketing
  • ✓ Send e-mailers with HTML to promote academy, course and event
  • ✓ Send updated tee prices and offers for frequent visitors
  • ✓ Easily segment your database with access to user actions and interests (50000 golfers data base)
  • ✓ User-friendly library allows users to search and find relevant campaigns quickly
  • ✓ Edit content, select segments, send tests, and schedule emails all from the same screen
Mobile Marketing
  • ✓ Golfers can book tee times online through mobile apps, and engine.
  • ✓ Mobile optimised websites available across Android, iPhone, and all other smart phones
  • ✓ Staffed by professional reservation agents committed to quality service
  • ✓ Operates 365 days
  • ✓ Enables golf course staff to focus on on-site golfers and not the ringing phone
  • ✓ Provides option to answer calls live or with customised auto attendants that direct callers to the appropriate department or book tee times.
  • ✓ Builds golf course partners’ customer database


A golf course is a living, breathing being which requires nourishment and care. At Golfing Nation, we ensure that we emphasise on top practices to deliver agronomic perfection. We use organic compounds in conjunction with chemicals to grow the most nature-friendly turf. Limitations of water, chemicals and economic factors are taken into account to cater to the needs of the golf course. We understand and are committed to delivering every need that is required in caring for the turf of a golf course.

Administration & Maintenance
  • ✓ Establishment of Standards & SOP’s
  • ✓ Selection & Management of Manpower
  • ✓ Technical Training & Development
  • ✓ Maintenance Office Set-up
  • ✓ Selection & Management of
  • ✓ Raw Materials & Consumables
  • ✓ Fleet of Machinery & Maintenance
  • ✓ Irrigation System & Pump Maintenance
  • ✓ Design Features Maintenance
  • ✓ Sub-surface Drainage System
  • ✓ Turf, Plants & Tree Maintenance
Food & Beverage

In delivering the ultimate club and golfing experience Food & Beverage play a crucial role. Golfing Nation understands the need to maintain a certain standard in all aspects of F&B. From the moment the customer steps in to the restaurant to the time they leave the premise they are made to feel a sense of exclusivity in experience; the service is set to standard and the food is delivered and catered to individual need. That experience begins at the backend as we surpass industry standards to ensure the best of service.

Membership Sales & Marketing

One of the major sources of revenues for a golf course are membership sales. We understand the need to position a golf course in the market to promote it to optimise revenues of which a major contributor are memberships; therefore we specialise in marketing as well. With our network of multiple golf courses under management we are able to target clients with specific wants. We are able to develop a collaborative community within our managed golf courses so that your golf course is not alone rather in a community of golf properties which help each other. In a country like India where golf has stigma we are able to position and market golf courses in a way that they are accessible. Whether it is through our school academies, our online platform or through on ground events; Golfing Nation is able to cater to all demographics.

Daily Fee & Resort Sales & Marketing

Daily walk-in fees, resort sales and their associated marketing are key in the success of a golf course. We focus on developing a strategy, promoting sales, managing and evaluating revenues and also creating dynamic pricing to accommodate seasons and market trends. We use our online platform to garner attention of 50,000 unique golfers in India to promote golf properties beyond their local potential.

Human Resources

Key to the fruitful and profitable execution of a developed strategy is the human resource enforcing it. Golfing Nation is not just developing and training its own human resource but also acquiring the best and most experienced people specializing in their field. We train our resources to international standards and ensure the acquired resources are internationally certified. Each employee is then trained further to cater to the specific needs of the property they are employed at. These employees are also retrained for updated practices and feedback is taken to develop and ensure the best industry practices.


With decades of personal relationships with each vendor in the industry we are able to ensure the best procurement for all needs. As we manage multiple properties which result in substantial order sizes from each vendor we are able to command the best pricing in the industry. Whether it services, golf equipment, maintenance equipment, golf cart, merchandise, food 7 beverages, etc. we are able to acquire the best and most competitive pricing.